Woman lying on treatment table having acupuncture treatment. 21 Dec 2023

BY: Sunny Jaspal

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Navigating Seasonal Burnout
Woman lying on treatment table having acupuncture treatment.

‘Tis the season! Celebrations and gatherings. Rich food and drink. Coupled with a long school term and the approach of winter solstice with it’s long nights and short days. Exhaustion and burnout on the horizon.

This is my experience as a mother with a young child at school. As an acupuncturist treating children and adults. As an observer of the world.

How can we better look after ourselves? I believe it helps to have an appreciation for nature and its immense influence over us. For the dark seasons, short days and long cold nights, there’s an opposition between the need to rest, to hibernate and the expectation to work and play a little harder. 

Teachers, mothers and fathers of young children, teenagers – whoever you are that is pulled by these opposing forces – be gentle with yourself and the little ones you care for. Listen to your intuition.

Perhaps take the time to reenergise and connect by being out in nature. Ideally first thing in the morning… Check out this insightful podcast from the Live Better podcast with Dr Chatterjee and Andrew Huberman: “Exposure to morning light is key to optimum human functioning Ideally first thing in the morning.”

And finally, although it’s a cliche and hard during the festivities, try to eat well including a diverse array of plant foods and warm meals to counteract the cold. I can recommend @ZOE for tips on healthier eating habits and delicious recipes.

Wishing you a rest and rejuvenation 🙂