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Popular amongst athletes, cupping is a technique used in acupuncture treatment that can also be used as a treatment on its own.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory suggests that cupping moves Qi and Blood, thereby alleviating pain and improving circulation. Like massage, blood and lymph circulation is improved, pain reduced and function returned to normal.

Good For:

Like massage, cupping is great for painful musculoskeletal conditions and injury. Used alongside an acupuncture treatment it can also be used to treat a variety of ailments.

What to Expect:

Glass or plastic cups are placed on the body where required, with a suction applied which creates a comfortable pulling sensation. The cups are either left in position, or a technique called slide cupping is used, which is like a massage with the cups.
Cupping marks may be present on the skin after treatment, which look like bruises, however the muscles have not been traumatised. The marks indicate the movement of blood and can be used as a diagnostic method by your acupuncturist.

Book Now For:

Cupping treatments can be booked as a standalone treatment, or combined within your acupuncture or massage treatments.

The Consultation:

Your initial treatment includes a consultation looking into medical history and aspects of lifestyle which may be influencing your current condition. This not only ensures that the treatment is suitable for you but that positive effects from the massage can be maintained. Postural analysis may be required for sports massage.

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