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Sports & Aromatherapy Massage

A unique approach combining the theory and techniques of sports massage with the nurturing relaxation of aromatherapy massage.
Suitable For Everyone: From teenagers to seniors, athletic types to the desk-bound.

Good For:

A very effective form of massage, fantastic for chronic and acute injuries from runner’s knee to back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain and stiff neck. Used for treating either specific problems, injuries, general tension or relaxation and stress management.

What to Expect:

The massage starts lightly and gently to warm the tissues and gradually works deeper and slower into problem areas, which is not only effective but relaxing too. Expect a little discomfort which soon gives way to relief.

A bespoke aromatherapy blend is prepared for each treatment, with oils selected for specific conditions and for each individual. The massage treatment allows the oils to be absorbed into the blood stream.
Aromatherapy oils and carrier oils used in these treatments are of the highest quality, organic and fair-trade where possible.
For correct rehabilitation focused aftercare is given including postural advice and stretches, which means you can learn to manage your condition.

Book Now For:

Maintenance Massage – prevents injury by keeping muscles flexible and maintaining range of motion. De-stresses and relaxes.
Event Massage – pre and post event massage helps your muscles to be effectively warmed up before an event and cooled down after. This prevents and heals injury.
Rehabilitation Massage – for acute and chronic injury or problems causes by poor posture or repetitive movements. Rehabilitation massage is utilised to get you back to your normal functioning.

Treatment Length:

60 minute treatments are usually sufficient for a more focused treatment on a particular problem area. If you would like a full body massage, please book a 90 minute treatment so equal and thorough attention can be given to all areas of the body.

The Consultation:

Your initial treatment includes a consultation looking into medical history and aspects of lifestyle which may be influencing your current condition. This not only ensures that the treatment is suitable for you but that positive effects from the massage can be maintained. Postural analysis may be required for sports massage.

The Benefits of Massage

The main benefits of massage are relaxation, stress relief, healing of injuries and maintenance of healthy body tissues. Relaxation is mainly achieved through the endorphin effect. As a touch therapy, massage stimulates the release of endorphins which act as the body’s natural pain relievers and mood enhances. This creates a sense of euphoria, enhances of the immune system and explains why we sleep better after a massage.
The healing of injuries, muscles and joints is due to massage techniques which loosen tight muscles and encourage the correct formation of scar tissue following injury (just as your skin scars – so do your muscles). Massage lengthens tight tissue, stimulates circulation, encourages the removal of waste material and brings fresh nutrients to tissues.
Massage is recommended for anyone with an injury, those who have been immobile for long periods (including an office job), and those in chronic pain including back pain such as lower back pain or upper back pain, neck pain or stiff neck. It’s also great for relaxation and stress management.

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