Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Nurturing pregnancy massage and postnatal treatments soothe aching muscle, relax mother and baby, and provide precious time to connect.

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is wonderful for mums to be, helping you to enjoy this special time, connect with your baby and deal with any difficult emotions of physical symptoms.

Massage in the postnatal period addresses pain in the body, often associated with breast feeding and lifting a growing a baby, and supports you emotionally, providing much needed rebalancing post birth.

Safety is of the utmost importance during pregnancy massage which is why Sunny is specifically trained to work with pregnant clients. This ensures correct assessment of suitability for massage, correct (and comfortable) positioning for the pregnancy massage and appropriate aftercare for optimum results.

Good For:

physical changes throughout pregnancy and postnatal, aches and pains, preparation for birth, emotional support through relaxation, beneficial for baby too.

What to Expect:

The pregnancy massage is performed in three different positions which ensures all areas can be accessed, and that you remain comfortable throughout. The first is lying on the left side, the second in a seated position, and the third in a semi-reclined position.

After the birth, if comfortable you can return to lying on your tummy. Babies are welcome to attend your massage appointments with you if childcare is difficult. You can continue to feed during a massage by lying on your side or with baby lying on you.

A bespoke aromatherapy blend is prepared for each treatment, with oils selected for specific conditions and for each individual. The massage treatment allows the oils to be absorbed into the blood stream. A lower dilution of oils is used during pregnancy and postnatally.

Aromatherapy oils and carrier oils used in these treatments are of the highest quality, organic and fair-trade where possible.
For correct rehabilitation focused aftercare is given including postural advice and stretches.

Treatment Length:

60 minute treatments are usually sufficient for a more focused treatment on a particular problem area. If you would like a full body massage, please book a 90 minute treatment so equal and thorough attention can be given to all areas of the body.

The Consultation:

Your initial treatment includes a consultation looking into medical history and aspects of lifestyle which may be influencing your current condition. This not only ensures that the treatment is suitable for you but that positive effects from the massage can be maintained.